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Quodammodo (Latin, ADV):
in a certain way |
in a certain measure


Our Mission

Quodammodo Solutions, LLC provides its clients with the seamless integration of human capital systems into their existing Human Resources framework. From full-scale implementations of HRIS, ATS, LMS, and Payroll products, to itemized services and optimizations of existing products, QS leverages decades of Human Capital expertise and a commitment to best practices to deliver customized solutions for each client’s specific needs.

Quodammodo Solutions’ mission is to provide services and solutions that are thoughtfully structured to fit the individual requirements of our clients - in a certain way, in a certain measure.

QS consultants specialize in:

  • Implementations
    Often overlooked when purchasing a new software solution is the task of implementing it. Many vendors only manage their side of the project, leaving the client to fend for themselves. One of the leading causes of a failed or flawed implementation is the lack of experienced support to shepherd the project from Discovery all the way through Go-Live. Our consultants are experts in project managing implementations to ensure a smooth rollout on-time and within budgetary constraints. Whether you need a fully managed implementation, or just a block of hours to help with some of the more complex aspects of the process, Quodammodo can tailor a solution that is right for you.

  • Integrations
    Whether you are integrating your HRIS with your ATS, your Benefits system with your Payroll system, your ATS with a Background Check vendor, or any other two human capital systems, Quodammodo can manage the integration for you.

  • Optimizations
    If you have a system that is not being utilized to its full capabilities, Quodammodo Solutions can help. We conduct an end to end analysis and help you optimize your human capital system in a way that fits your company’s unique needs. With efficiency, automation, and streamlining as our primary goals, we partner with you to build a system that will work for your company for years to come.

  • Emergency Preparedness
    Whether you have a staff of five, 500, 5,000, or more, protecting your employees during emergencies or disaster events is critical for employers of every industry.  Our certified business continuity consultants have more than 10 years of experience designing and implementing emergency preparedness programs for their customers, to ensure the individual readiness of staff, communication flow from the highest levels of leadership, and resources to get you back on track with minimal downtime. Following a model of continuous improvement, we can help business of any size and in any sector achieve a mature emergency preparedness program to bring peace of mind to both employers and employees.